Monday, October 1, 2012

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap For Your Home

As a nation of cat lovers, we all know how much our cats like to come and go and have their own freedom and space, generally doing as they please and we as their owners like to fulfill those wishes. Cat flaps are a way of ensuring your pet can have his or her freedom, while at the same time keeping the home secure.

Many cats go off on their adventures, playing with others, marking out their territory and all sorts of fun exploring, but when the cat decides its time to return home to its family, what you do not want is him or her bringing their mates back home with them. There has been many a time that cat owners have returned home to find that they have acquired an extra cat in their home, due to the cheeky newcomer using the cat flap for the resident pet.

This can sometimes cause problems between cats such as; your pet may get territorial with the other cat and mark territory or even have a scuffle, the other cat may be not be neutered which could be a problem if yours are not neutered either, the newcomer may not be house trained and could cause destruction, plus many more other important concerns.

The answer to this problem is to purchase a Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap which is completely unlike the normal pet flaps. This invention has a Sureflap microchip, which is an innovative work of art and it really does show how advanced technology has become these days. How it works is very simple; Once this is set into learn mode, you should ensure your cat passes through it, once he or she has passed all the way through and is out the other side, the special microchip technology in the device will save your cats personal microchip I.D. into the built in memory, by doing this it ensures that the flap will only allow access to your very own cats inside the home which ensures the problem is solved. The benefits of this microchip design are, the cat flap fitting is easy, as it will fit most standard doors, walls and windows, it also has a magnetic latch, which will ensure that other daring felines cannot successfully open the microchip cat flap and roam free around your house.

This Sureflap cat flap also works if you own quite a few cats, as up to a whopping 32 ID's can be stored, so it is very economical, especially if you own more than one mini tiger! It is compatible with your cats own existing microchip, which means that your cat doesn't have to wear a special tag or collar to enable this system to work. As well as looking smart and modern this product really does the required job of being a secure electronic cat flap very well and you can rest assured that there will be no more unexpected visitors sitting on your couch when you return home.

Whatever shape, size or breed we have everything in our pet store to satisfy even the most demanding, four legged diva in your household. We understand how important it is to not only have the latest cat toy, or the trendiest dog collar, but also to make sure the boring bits are covered.


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  3. Excellent post! I think micro chip cat flaps are the ones that we need to get installed in to our house.