Sunday, August 26, 2012

Help Homeless Cats Get Through the Coming Winter

Winter time can be pretty harsh. It can be quite hard against almost every living thing there is, regardless of size or age. Anyone who's gone through a winter season - especially a particularly bleak season of it - knows how difficult it could be. Maybe we're a little more used to it now, those who live here in the US where it is an annual experience, although it can be really tough sometimes. But what about the animals that also experience winter with us, are they coping just as well? In particular, how about those homeless cats who could possibly remain homeless even as winter is fast approaching, what can be done to help them?

There are organizations that are dedicated to helping homeless animals get through the tough stretch of winter season each year, and homeless cats are always among those that receive plenty of help. However, such organizations can only do so much to aid those animals. With the number of homeless cats, many are inevitably going to be left on the streets when the freezing weather hits.

Private individuals need to be aware that they can actually do something to help those homeless cats during the cold season. The things that they need to do to help are actually pretty simple once you get to know about it. Those simple things already mean a lot in terms of lifting any of the sufferings that the homeless cats could potentially suffer from during the winter.

Here are some of those things that every person could do in order to help homeless cats:

    The homeless cats should be fed often and in large quantities during the winter season. Since food and water have a tendency to freeze, this is very important. The amount of food given to the cats should be doubled, as it would not only help keep them strong and healthy, it will also help them fight off the cold. As much as possible, use only the best cat food available.

    The cats should be encouraged to use different types of shelters that would keep them from the harshness of the elements. Among the structures that they could make use of are basements, barns, doghouses, garages, and other structures that are specifically designed to meet the conditions of the weather. The cats should be kept as dry and warm as possible, so the shelters need to be insulated and provided with adequate heating.

    Little kittens should be given special attention. If they are spotted in a certain place then they should be taken into shelters or better yet, given to foster homes. When those options are not available then the people who find the kittens should coordinate with organizations that could help.

    Cats that are weak or old should also be given special care and attention. Sick ones should be taken to a vet's clinic so that they could immediately receive the medical attention that they require. After being treated, the cats should not be released immediately because the weather could make it sick again and it might survive the winter.

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