Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things That You Will Learn When You Own A Cat

When people think of a family pet, the first thing they think of is a dog. It is no surprise, as dogs can make great companions and they can even help owners with special needs. What may come as a surprise is that cats are in fact the most popular option as pets in the country. There are many advantages to owning cats; they take a lot less work in your part to care for them. They are seen as more independent etc. Even when some people will take them out for a walk here and there, all they really need is a litter box to take care of their business. There are still a few things that you will learn when you own a cat.

They Need You... A Lot

Even though cats have a reputation for being independent, they still need you a lot. When you own a cat you understand the concept because your cat will like to be close to you a lot of the time. While in a lot of cases they do not act as excited to see you when you come home, the fact is that not having you for extended periods of time can be very stressing to a cat. They do not only need you for food, they also need companionship, and unless you are there all the time or get a second cat they can be very bored and lonely.

They Need Exercise

A cat that is lonely the entire day can get bored, and a bored cat can easily get into trouble. If the cat has no one to interact with then it will have two options: It will get fat and sick and lead a boring life, or it can entertain itself by destroying some of the wires around the house. That can be dangerous to the cat if the wire conducts electricity. Your plants will also be fair game and so will be your carpet. Giving your cat a fair amount of exercise in the way of interactive toys can help you save your furniture, wires and even the cat's life. If you own a cat, then you already know where the toys are available; but if you are new to cats then you should head to your local pet store.

They Are Not Dogs

A pet owner may feel that they know what to expect when they own a cat because they had another type of pet in the past. This is actually not the case. Cats are very different from dogs and a new cat owner would do well to do some reading before ever going through the adoption process. Cat education is a lot different than dog education. The games that they like to play are different and the way you will need to cat-proof your home is not even close to what you would have to do when you adopt a puppy. That said, cats can be great companions to people and you will have a long loving relationship with them.

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